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The Mauritanian Tuesday, April 20, 07:40:23 AM

Poor acting and the story is not well done. Not worth watching.

The Baby Formula Tuesday, April 20, 05:53:02 AM

How does garbage like this get made?!? This was beyond terrible.

We're the Millers Tuesday, April 20, 05:51:12 AM

Call me a stickler, but I think comedies should actually be funny. This isn't funny. The characters were extremely unlikable, especially Sudekis's character, who is utterly loathsome. What a douchebag! I was hoping the villains would catch up to him and torture him to death. That would've made the movie better.

Godzilla vs. Kong Tuesday, April 20, 03:15:18 AM

Lousy. This was already bad, and then that infuriating fat bastard from Deadpool 2 shows up, sinking it completely. Miss it!

Deadpool 2 Tuesday, April 20, 02:38:01 AM

The first was enjoyable, but yeah...this one is single-handedly sunk by that morbidly obese and horribly insufferable fat kid. He has to be the most loathsome screen character since that detestable little puke from The Babadook. And a stunt person was killed for this crap?!? What a waste!

Kill Chain Monday, April 19, 11:45:53 PM

I have never seen a movie as beautiful as this. Prime Nicolas Cage

Freaky Monday, April 19, 02:51:11 PM

I love the sexy schoolgirl outfit Vaughn wears in this movie.

Freaky Monday, April 19, 02:49:33 PM

Vince Vaughn (PSYCHO) stars in a brilliant new take on the serial killer genre!

Godzilla vs. Kong Monday, April 19, 02:04:15 PM

Amazing and exciting.

Shrek 20th Anniversary Monday, April 19, 12:59:32 PM

Its surface is as much fun as any movie ever made. Its depths surpass understanding. I have analyzed it a shot at a time with more than 30 groups, and together we have seen, I believe, pretty much everything that is there on the screen. The more clearly I can see its physical manifestation, the more I am stirred by its mystery. It is one of the miracles of cinema that in 2001 a 12-time director; a cynical, corporate shareholder/writer; an innovative cinematographer, and a group of Glendale, California stage actors were given the keys to a studio and total control, and made a masterpiece. “Shrek” is more than a great movie; it is the "Citizen Kane" of the 21st century. Will Smith (Donkey) is the emblem of the security, hope and innocence of childhood, which a man can spend his life seeking to regain. The movie is filled with bravura visual moments: Shrek bathing in mud, the gingerbread being dipped in milk, and Lord Farquad pining after the beautiful (but secretly ogre) princess Fiona. As Shrek returns to his swamp, ogress in tow, there is nary a dry eye in the audience. 10/10 would recommend.