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Sword Art Online: Progressive - Aria of a Starless Night Saturday, December 4, 01:20:29 PM

Beautiful Visuals Moving Passionate Music Compelling Storyline to enjoy Whats not to like

House of Gucci Saturday, December 4, 12:15:31 PM

I loved this movie. Lady GaGa was superb as were all the others actors. Am going to watch it again Wednesday while it's still in Polson.

Wolf Saturday, December 4, 11:52:38 AM

Nicholson gives one of his finest and most understated performances in this thoughtful remake of the classic horror tale.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Saturday, December 4, 11:32:10 AM

Like Superman IV, it made me feel like a kid again.

Deadlock Friday, December 3, 11:52:46 PM

Location setting and characters accents

King Richard Friday, December 3, 10:42:29 PM

Will Smith was absolutely stellar in this. The movie was Richard Williams' story. I would love to see this same cast telling Venus and Serena's story from thier perspectives.

Encounter Friday, December 3, 08:07:31 PM

Although acting was good - movie was boring and little action at all- waste of time & money

Railway Heroes Friday, December 3, 06:49:34 PM

The plot is very dull for a film for Sino-Japanese war, story is too predictable and typical.

Dune Friday, December 3, 06:39:51 PM

As a fan of the novels and the first movie version, I had reservations. They were unfounded! The complexity and nuance of this version need make no apologies, it delivers an excellent sci-fi movie that takes time for characters and plot to develop. Can’t wait for the second instalment.

Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers Friday, December 3, 03:43:23 PM

Blindsided with mostly singing. I was expecting to see a movie at the MOVIE theater, but instead I was tortured with over a hour of fake singing with overly make-up done artists that came nowhere close to sharing the good news of Christ. What it seemed to me was just another money making scheme. I'm very disappointed in Dallas Jenkins. I feel that he's more focused on promoting The Chosen than with telling the world how awesome our Savior is... Since this squandered opportunity of REALLY proclaiming Christ, I have unsubscribed from all Chosen apps and emails. I feel used.