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Stand on It Monday, May 10, 08:08:54 PM

How can anyone think this movie is great? Its a piece of cinematic garbage that could easily be considered for one of the worst movies ever made. It does everything against what filmmaking should be whether it is independent or by a major studio. 1. Its a rip-off of an iconic classic. 2. It has terrible cinematography. 3. It has terrible acting. 4. It violates copyright infringement and flat out stealing from someone else's property (Universal Studios). 5. If its supposed to be a tribute, why does everybody redo everything from the original and not say the name of the movie. 6. It takes a dump on the original and nobody seems to care. Stay away from this movie if you love Smokey and the Bandit or the Dukes of Hazzard. Not worth the money and time. Just watch the original movie which is far superior to this monstrosity of a movie. John and Alicia need to be sued by Universal Studios for copyright infringement and are a complete joke to the film industry. Someone should also be thrown in jail for making this joke of a movie. Grade: F-

Here Today Monday, May 10, 06:49:14 PM

The mixture serums and funny

Promising Young Woman Monday, May 10, 12:01:11 PM

I think it's a great eye opener, young woman are taken advantage of, a little to much for my liking. And I feel every teenager and young adult should watch this movie, because these vile, file fends exist in every club in today's day and age it's unfortunately true. There's a little humor, the acting is well done. For those whom haven't seen, relax and enjoy.

Wrath of Man Monday, May 10, 09:29:16 AM

a lot of action

Here Today Monday, May 10, 07:55:28 AM

This was the BEST movie I've seen in a long time. This is how things should be.

The Paper Tigers Monday, May 10, 04:49:18 AM

Great cinematography and acting -- a fun, well produced indy film for the family.

Stand on It Monday, May 10, 01:25:29 AM

Awesome movie never saw Smokey and the bandit now I think I will go watch thanks to this movie love this actor

Shadow in the Cloud Sunday, May 9, 08:53:17 PM

I've watched many, many bad films, yet never used the word ridiculous. This movie is just that. (And for the two that criticized the part about her (Chloe's) are issue - she had it in a sling to hide the gun. If you're gonna be haten, at least get it accurate. lol)

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles Sunday, May 9, 02:14:27 PM

Good plot, awful acting. So bad that my date and I were laughing during it

The Reckoning Sunday, May 9, 08:44:25 AM

First half was painful to watch as it's been done a gazillion times but got a little more interesting the 2nd half. Leans left so don't be too surprised by the exaggeration.