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Aquaman Wednesday, June 23, 05:13:41 AM

There was a running joke on the TV series ENTOURAGE about that show's lead character being cast in a movie based on Aquaman; the joke being that Hollywood actually making a movie of one of the lamest superheroes ever. A few years later, Hollywood execs ( who evidently possess no self-awareness or sense of humor) actually greenlit this. Surprise surprise, a lame character begets a lame movie helmed by a lame director. Momoa should have used an acting double, and Amber Heard shows up for further vomit inducement.

The Neon Demon Wednesday, June 23, 05:03:27 AM

A great arthouse horror film. Will fly waaaay over the heads of morons, apparently.

Taxi Driver Wednesday, June 23, 04:58:44 AM

A masterpiece! Still as great today as it was when it was released... so pay no mind to the pan review written by the imbecile below. Foster is particularly magnetic, to say the least.

Jumanji (1995) Wednesday, June 23, 04:54:50 AM

Lame film with bad special effects, even for their time, but Kirsten is so yummy!

Flesh for Frankenstein Wednesday, June 23, 04:49:48 AM

A sick joke of a movie, but it's a great joke. Outrageous and cheerfully offensive. Kier delivers what is probably his best performance, and the luminous Nicoletta Elmi appears to provide her specialty: an uneasy, taboo, yet overpowering eroticism. Contrary to what the synopsis on this website says, this was not produced by Andy Warhol. The legendary pop artist merely lent his name to help out his buddy Morrissey. Try to see this in 3-D if you can.

Combat Shock Wednesday, June 23, 04:35:11 AM

A truly great movie but this might be the most depressing film ever made. People who are afflicted with clinical depression should steer well of this, and even people who are of sound mind should be monitored closely for a while after watching this. Do not tread lightly into this one.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Wednesday, June 23, 04:27:50 AM

Russ Meyer's masterpiece satire of decadent irresponsible showbiz bringing chaos out of order. Insane and brilliant; a true one-of-a-kind. Don't miss this one.

Ghost Stories Wednesday, June 23, 04:16:53 AM

It's no masterpiece but it's pretty darn good. Many creepy moments. It is often genuinely scary, which is extremely rare for contemporary horror films.

A Ghost Story Wednesday, June 23, 04:12:23 AM

Weird, boring melodrama about a guy who dies and is reincarnated as an invisible KKK member. Leaves a bad taste.

Amityville: The Awakening Wednesday, June 23, 04:04:00 AM

This "Awakening" puts the audience to sleep. Sad to see Jennifer Jason Leigh slumming in this crap.