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Nobody Thursday, April 15, 08:37:32 PM

This movie got off to a slow start but quickly evolved into a fast paced slug fest that didn't let up. Definately John Wick meets double tap stuff here!

Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure Wednesday, April 14, 01:00:54 PM

Good team initiative, funny kids movie.

Pavarotti Wednesday, April 14, 12:36:37 PM

It is a very good documentary film. It has good musics.

Boss Level Wednesday, April 14, 02:04:39 AM

Good fun, good acting, overall a very good flick.

Godzilla vs. Kong Tuesday, April 13, 08:29:06 PM

Loved the movie, the scenery and the fight scenes were amazing. Loved it!

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles Tuesday, April 13, 03:32:25 PM

A beautiful little story to help restore faith and hope in a world which has lost its way. Wonderful to see something truly good and inspirational coming out of Hollywood.

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles Tuesday, April 13, 10:13:36 AM

WOW! Full of surprises with " Fabulous actors, writers and film making." Story is so worth Five Stars. Would give it seven stars if I could. For all ages of course.

John Wynn's Playhouse Tuesday, April 13, 08:14:28 AM

This movie was real and raw. Forcing them to look at themselves through an honest set of eyes made me have to look at myself through an honest set of eyes. It was very powerful the life-changing.

Godzilla vs. Kong Monday, April 12, 08:53:15 PM

I wasn't expecting much, and I got it. Dumb spectacle. This can't hold a candle to SHIN GODZILLA or GODZILLA GMK, but will evidently please the fools who can't differentiate between popular success and actual craftsmanship.

Godzilla vs. Kong Monday, April 12, 04:25:06 PM

Awesome fights n great continuation of the story!