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Separation Sunday, May 2, 11:10:26 AM

Reviews from critics were not encouraging but I went to see it anyway. THe movie had potential - I was kept interested entire movie until the end - I 'm kinda not understanding the ending but the movie was a worth see.

Tom & Jerry Sunday, May 2, 09:43:55 AM

Loved it! I've seen this film at least four times. So good!

Tom & Jerry Sunday, May 2, 09:41:43 AM


Percy vs Goliath Sunday, May 2, 09:34:42 AM

Well Done! Based on true story. Farmers who work so hard and are very much needed and we must not forget. About a very strong and true pioneer who never gives up his cause. Acting is excellent, story is real and values for living the dream.

Walking With Herb Sunday, May 2, 01:14:33 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed this quirky movie. If you know TV golf personalities, this will crack you up. Lots of good messages about letting go of ego, self confidence, communication, overcoming "the impossible" and light-hearted biblical jokes. My first theatre movie since the pandemic, it was a fun movie with all the side stories and character development. Plus, it's good to see old dudes challenge their belief systems! It was fun!

The Water Man Saturday, May 1, 10:43:06 PM

I grew up with classics like E.T. This pulls me back to that place where a story could be interesting enough for grown ups, but really made for young people to enjoy!

Mortal Kombat Saturday, May 1, 11:08:35 AM

For a reboot, I enjoyed this setup to the Tournament that is coming.

Bottom Feeders (2021) Saturday, May 1, 08:54:49 AM

We’ll written and funny with many unexpected twists at the end. Great job by a hometown (Rochester) guy (Steve Miller) who pursued his passion to write and produce a movie. Hope someone picks this up and turns it into something big.

Thunder Force (Netflix) Saturday, May 1, 04:08:00 AM

Spectacular action and lots of heart! Well done, ladies! Well done!

Stand on It Friday, April 30, 10:00:43 PM

A genuinely awful movie. Cheesy stunts