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Show Me the Father Monday, September 13, 06:58:58 PM

This documentary movie was put together very well. It showed am issue and a solution to the issue at hand. It told of people's lives and what happened in their lies. I have noticed some comments here talking about bad actor's and actresses. This is not the case these are actual people and their actual experiences. I would recommend to anyone to watch and be touched .

Jungle Cruise Monday, September 13, 06:11:41 PM

it was all about adventure and so Disneyish

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Monday, September 13, 02:42:31 PM

Sit back and enjoy! This film is highly-entertaining and filled with humor and heart.

Defining Moments Monday, September 13, 11:44:49 AM

Pretty funny film. Burt's ending is sad as hell.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Monday, September 13, 09:50:34 AM

This Movie is WOW! Marvel studios film at it's best. Incredible filming and special effects. Some parts funny, lot of action and drama. Love that Aquafina who played the dragon in Raya. Number one movie everyone is talking about.

Midsommar: The Director's Cut Sunday, September 12, 09:38:06 PM

One of the worst and overlong movies is now even longer and more terrible. Watching ice melt is more exciting and has a quicker pace. Ari Aster is a no-talent hack.

Midsommar Sunday, September 12, 09:35:26 PM

Talentless Ari Aster received inexplicably positive notices for his previous film, the terrible HEREDITARY, so he gets another chance to waste millions of dollars on another piece of crap. This has a wretched script, annoying characters, and another non-ending just like HEREDITARY. Ugh! And it's insufferably pretentious too. Watch a real horror movie instead.

Show Me the Father Sunday, September 12, 08:18:58 PM

This movie documentary shows and addresses the core problem in (not only this country) but the whole world! The absence of an earthly father can play havoc on a child’s life whether he was a good father or bad father! The documentary addresses the problem and expands on a loving creator who is the father of us all and how he is there even when your earthly father has let you down and no longer is part of your life! I think the lesson here is that you are loved by a Heavenly Father and that he is here for us to help guide us on the road of life. Worth watching with your whole family but the emotions may get you!

The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) Sunday, September 12, 07:15:15 PM

Hysterical comedy with Borscht belt humour. Famous as the film Roger Corman shot in two-and-a-half days, but it's so much more than that. It IS well directed - Corman rehearsed the actors for three days and shot with two cameras that often ran simultaneously which resulted in the film cutting together beautifully - and Corman usually gets all the credit for the film because he turned out a terrific film so very quickly; but I would give the bulk of the credit to screenwriter Charles B. Griffith. The film's greatest asset is its script. Griffith marries the macabre situations and silly humour perfectly. Griffith also provided the voice of Audrey Jr. and played the role of the hold-up man, along with a few other incidental walk-ons. The cast is ideal. They play their roles in just the right pitch. Much has been made of the early appearance of future star Jack Nicholson, and he's adequate in his one scene; but it's Mel Welles who turns in the film's best performance as the malapropism-spouting flower shop owner Mushnick. Miles ahead of the musical play and its subsequent film adaptation. THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is one of the greatest comedy films ever.

Malignant Sunday, September 12, 06:57:13 PM

It's Wan and his shoddy films that are malignant.