Sunday, September 24, 11:22:04 PM

A timeless classic . Considering this was made in 1968 ,the cinematography is amazing even by todays standards.

Sunday, January 8, 11:55:15 AM

A profound and sublime masterpiece. The greatest film ever made.

Monday, January 28, 10:49:13 PM

This movie remains one of my all-time favorites. I saw it when it first came out way back when, and it is still at the top of my list!! Superb, amazing, mind-blowing!

Sunday, January 20, 11:50:30 AM

What it was that Arthur C. Clark tried to achieve? - A belief that together we can make things better-Hope. - Or a belief that things will get better-Optimism. I saw this movie in a theater in Lisbon in 1973, I was 13 years old and I still remember...probably the best movie ever!

Tuesday, August 18, 11:35:59 AM

I do not know who wrote the review above, but it is clear that they are the sort of shallow moviegoer who would recognize Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich as artistic filmmakers. 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the greatest films ever made, perhaps even the greatest. It explores mans journey to the end of the universe, and questions where we came from, where we are, and where we are going in the future.

Tuesday, December 16, 02:29:14 PM

This Movie was really boring it was just dull and it made no sense and use original music Mr. Kubrick go back to making films like The Shining