Tuesday, September 14, 11:51:07 AM

I liked it. Funny and poignant.

Tuesday, September 14, 11:49:10 AM

Pretty funny little piece with a good sad ending. Doctor in it is hysterical.

Monday, September 13, 11:44:49 AM

Pretty funny film. Burt's ending is sad as hell.

Thursday, September 9, 10:49:11 PM

Great little movie!

Tuesday, September 7, 04:10:44 PM

A really sweet film.

Monday, September 6, 07:19:37 PM

Genuinely surprised by how good it was. Very funny. Heartwarming. A good film to own.

Sunday, September 5, 07:57:02 PM

Crazy funny. Heartbreaking. Good for Burt

Friday, September 3, 10:27:19 PM

It's flawless. Funny, smart and incredibly poignant....

Friday, September 3, 11:18:59 AM

Great film. Funny stuff as always.

Wednesday, September 1, 01:39:22 PM

a fun, well written film. Watched it twice in two days. Eric Peterson is a new old guy. Great.

Wednesday, September 1, 11:34:09 AM

Hysterical film starring Burt Reynolds in his last film. A joy to watch and I'll be buying this one for sure. So good.

Wednesday, September 1, 11:32:04 AM

A terrific end to a great career. A really fun, emotional rollercoaster. A surprisingly good film.

Tuesday, August 31, 06:38:48 PM

A gorgeously beautiful film about how life somehow always gets in the way. Terrific performances from Eric Peterson and Burt Reynolds. Sienna Guillory is terrific in it as well.

Tuesday, August 31, 04:42:34 PM

What a great film. Genuinely so impressed. Funny, poignant, sad. Just a really sweet film.

Wednesday, August 25, 04:22:51 PM

A phenomenal film with a ton of laughs and even more heart. Just a joy to watch. Well written!