Thursday, July 22, 02:16:48 PM

Very good action movie!

Sunday, July 18, 08:28:13 PM

Does a car driving from one skyscraper to another excite you? Does taking out a military drone with an ambulance make sense? Is family important? If you’ve answered yes to all three questions then you will absolutely find F9 a hilarious watch. Mark Sinclair also is in great shape and him next to Jon Cena makes you realize how absurdly large Jon Cena’s arms are.

Saturday, July 17, 08:58:30 AM

Don't compare to the other Fast Furious, it is a great Action movie

Friday, July 16, 06:52:34 PM

It'll make you want to grow a Fred Goldman mustache and jump off the Earth.

Friday, July 16, 09:42:10 AM

Why did I waste my time and money with this? F9 is unusual in that there was nothing they could have done to make a worse movie.

Friday, July 16, 12:57:46 AM

Very good and excellent movie!

Thursday, July 15, 06:06:03 PM

Couldn't be much more unbelievable. The stunts are so impossible I laughed through half the movie. I don't know why studios feel movies wouldn't be interesting if it featured stunts that were plausible and possible. Now we have college kids sitting in motel rooms with their laptops creating movies that aren't remotely believable. Too bad.

Monday, July 12, 11:13:13 AM

I absolutely love the fast and furious series people who leave bad reviews are the non car people who drive a smart car. I love it so much it really brings the whole story together left me speechless will bring joy to those who love cars just as much as I do I would definitely go see it again if I could.

Monday, July 12, 12:33:39 AM

gooooooooooood movie

Saturday, July 10, 08:09:19 PM

dismal. sad excuse for a money grab, there's really nothing here that's credible or interesting to watch.

Friday, July 9, 10:01:26 AM

Fast moving it was. Felt like I was watching a live video game that was so unreal and hard to keep up at times. Fun ride like a roller coaster. Once is enough for me. Action, action and more action.

Monday, July 5, 05:33:57 PM

This is amazing on all

Saturday, July 3, 04:33:18 AM

Unrealistic by far. Bad guy airplane magnets. Good guy car magnets. Space magnets. It's like it was written by a child that just discovered magnets.

Friday, July 2, 06:56:52 PM

Sorry but this program had some of the worst dialogue I have seen in a movie. The scenes slip around to one city then another and I was not really sure why. Wait until a better film comes.

Friday, July 2, 03:49:46 PM

There is no rock in this movie

Thursday, July 1, 01:08:16 PM

How many times do I have to see the same movie? Same plot over and over again. 9 times is a bit much. Lazy, money hungry Hollywood.

Thursday, July 1, 12:41:07 AM

All the movies are awesome but I must say that my favorite one is 7 and 9 comes in as my second favorite. AWESOME MOVIE, AWESOME ACTORS, AWESOME ACTON, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME

Tuesday, June 29, 10:00:35 AM

Loved how it showed us what really happened then Dom was younger and went to jail and who really killed Doms father i never knew he had a brother

Monday, June 28, 03:46:58 PM

Never dissapoints

Monday, June 28, 03:39:57 PM

The story line keeps evolving and including the beginning when their dad died racing sets up the rest of the movie! Some parts that are little far fetched but that's why I go to movies!

Sunday, June 27, 11:55:58 PM

The new standard for movies!

Sunday, June 27, 04:22:25 PM

I like this movie

Friday, June 25, 05:09:43 PM

First off thank god haun is back I love the action and the Way the are a family

Friday, June 25, 12:21:05 AM

The fast and the furious is the most awesome movie.

Friday, May 7, 01:58:59 AM

It's a very good film. I've seen the trailer it's awesome. The action scenes and car stunts were superb. I can't wait to experience it in theatres.

Saturday, December 26, 09:50:12 AM

Very good action, adventurous and comedy film.

Wednesday, October 21, 11:46:09 AM

Its a very good film and I have seen the trailer where so many action scenes were there and little bit comedy.

Monday, April 20, 12:21:50 PM

is this movie series ever going to go away so far fetch and becoming stupid

Wednesday, February 5, 01:34:03 PM

I love the skill of all cast members, they make what they do looks so real and easy, knowing that they put a lot of hours into this, it's what I aspect of this movies.