Friday, March 10, 08:13:11 PM

loved it, loved it loved it! best movie. so good!!

Friday, March 10, 01:58:32 PM

Its the best of the Harry Potter movies so far

Wednesday, March 8, 07:14:58 PM

harry potter is a good movie

Wednesday, March 8, 06:33:19 PM

I believe that it is the worst movie in the series. I don`t understand how everyone can be so proud of a horribly scripted plot. It made no sense, didn`t follow the actual book and focused on parts that were not remotely appealing. Who gives a crap if the dragon got loose and Harry has to run around saving it? I don`t. I care more about how the school, the wizarding community sees him when he brought back Cedric. Why did the movie end all happy? It`s supposed to end in doubt and in fear. Absolutely dreadful. I believe this director has done the worst possible job to bringing Harry Potter to life.

Monday, March 6, 07:34:02 AM

it`s such a beatiful movie! harry potter fanatics, go!!!!! support our idol...........!

Sunday, March 5, 05:53:49 PM

I thought it was amazing although it was not as good as the book because it missed alought of the parts. But I stll say it was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 2, 12:05:28 PM


Tuesday, February 28, 09:55:06 PM

it was an excellent movie can`t wait thill the order of the pheonix comes into theatres.

Tuesday, February 28, 05:15:40 PM

i loved the movie, great scenes, great acting, great effects. the only thing is that they should have put more stuff from the book, that would have made it awesome... either than that, it was great. Maybe they`ll release an extended version one day with all the deleted parts... i don`t care if the movie is 3 hours, i`d watch the whole thing over and over again.

Monday, February 27, 05:00:46 PM

It was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! Te dragons were so realistic and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 04:56:26 PM

plain and simple, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the best moving I have ever seen. Kat

Sunday, February 26, 07:03:16 PM

i really loved this movie!

Saturday, February 25, 09:17:03 PM

The dragon was so cool! looked so real!...*A must see*...

Saturday, February 25, 09:02:57 PM

Very good ....good job to all of the actors good time of life enjoyed the directors view 5/5 stars

Saturday, February 25, 01:14:13 PM

It was a GREAT movie, but I wish they showed Dobby and Winky in the movie. I think it would be worth it if the movie was a bit longer, just to see Dobby in the movie again, and even Winky. Dobby`s so cute and so is Ron.

Saturday, February 25, 10:25:58 AM

Some flaws, but great! Dragons,mermaids, a livving maze, terrific! I wiil give it 3 and a half stares.

Saturday, February 25, 05:04:37 AM

not bad but they did take out some interesting info that was and the books and I thought was inportant.

Friday, February 24, 09:23:10 PM

its so good...its scary!

Wednesday, February 22, 09:53:41 PM

It`s just as good as he book!...Now thats a good movie!

Tuesday, February 21, 09:40:38 PM

Oh my god!...This movie is so special!...i have never in my life seen a movie like this!....ITS SO AMAZING, YOU GOT TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!....10/10

Tuesday, February 21, 04:40:20 PM

Best Harry Potter film yet. But needed more of Malfoy. God he`s sexy.

Tuesday, February 21, 10:01:25 AM

okay, but not great. Unless you read the book, found this movie hard to follow.

Monday, February 20, 08:57:46 PM

As u may already know...this movie is AMAZING!...every single scene was flawless in every way. The special and visual effects were outstanding and dazzling to the eye. the music was heartbreaking and brilliant at the same time, even though they hired a new composer. The art direction an scenary were nothing short but captivating!...From they very begining of this movie where they were all sent to the world cup, to the "edge of ur seat" dragon battle, and all he other breathtaking scenes throughout this movie, "harry potter and the goblet of fire", has to be one of the best films of the year, and also one of the best fantasy films ever mad

Sunday, February 19, 12:19:46 PM

it is my favorite harry potter film so far i can`t wait until it comes out in dvd and i can`t wait im thinking of becoming an actor or artist or singer the harry potter series is the most wonderful thing i hope it keeps up cuz i like watching the movie and harry potter surving the evil lord voldomort and other things to it is really cool id do almost anything just to see danel radcliff, emma watson, rupert grint and katie leung in person it is so cool!

Saturday, February 18, 03:49:35 PM

It might as well be the best movie i have ever seen!.....I LOVED THE DRAGON PART!....GO SEE IT!

Saturday, February 18, 11:19:17 AM

great movie!...i think its a lot better than any of the "lord of the rings" movies.....a must see!

Friday, February 17, 10:39:54 PM

i love this movie....amazing!...

Thursday, February 16, 07:52:49 AM

can`t wait until March 7, 2006 when it comes out. It is the Best Harry potter movie yet.

Wednesday, February 15, 08:00:02 PM

An all around ok fantasy film that is over rated by nerdy wizard wannabes.

Wednesday, February 15, 01:48:34 PM

Harry Potter is great! This movie was far better than The Prisoner of Azkaban, and actually quite humourous. A recommend for everyone!

Friday, February 10, 10:05:58 PM

best movie ever!....(its a lot better than that stupid "king kong" movie)

Friday, February 10, 10:18:28 AM

MUCH better than the 3rd movie ! If this one had been that bad I would have cried! I love Harry Potter !

Thursday, February 9, 04:46:49 PM

Oh my God!!!!! i loved it, watched it three times and still can watch is another three times. i can`t wait untill the next movie comes out, and also the last two. the movies are doing justice to the books!!!

Monday, February 6, 11:48:31 AM


Sunday, February 5, 08:28:36 PM

i love harry potter lol

Sunday, February 5, 07:23:10 PM

I thought it was a great movie and cant wait until the next onw.......

Sunday, February 5, 05:52:27 PM

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 02:33:29 PM

It is the best movie in the entire world its fantastic it might be my favorite harry potter film ever today im going to see the film again that is how much i like the movie

Thursday, February 2, 09:44:46 PM


Wednesday, February 1, 03:21:07 PM

i dont care if its only nominated for one academy award, its still the best film of the year to me!