Wednesday, February 1, 09:08:26 AM

this was the best harry potter movie ever, emma watson is so freckin hot, i loved it.*****/*****

Tuesday, January 31, 06:05:10 PM

I loved the movie but there was too much cut out. If the movie would have contained more from the book it would have been perfect. I would have watched a 4 hour movie just to see more of what was in the book.

Tuesday, January 31, 09:18:31 AM

I thought harry potter 4 was the most brilliant fantasy movie of the year and deserves 100oscars

Monday, January 30, 10:49:10 AM

A cool and awesome movie. Waiting for the DVD....

Saturday, January 28, 10:59:22 PM

It was ok.

Thursday, January 26, 04:52:12 PM

i`ll always love harry potter

Wednesday, January 25, 07:11:23 PM

I loved the movie but was dissapointed that some things were changed and lots of things were omitted. The director said in tribute magazine that this could have easily become 2 full length feature films ( 5 to 6 Hrs. total) and I would have gladly gone to see them both (part 1 & 2) of the Goblet of fire. I hope that the DVD is like that (5 or 6 hrs.) because I would pay 35 - 40 dollars for a DVD that was complete to the storyline in the book!!! Looking forward to Order of the Pheonix.

Tuesday, January 24, 06:51:51 PM

i saw harry potter 4 times and still want to go back and see it beacuse the parts i liked were the three tasks the dragon the black lake and the maze but i have to say that the quidditch world cup wuold have been great. jj$$$$$$$$$$

Tuesday, January 24, 05:40:10 PM

I absolutly LOVE this movie!!!! Where it changed from the book, they did it for a good reason and totally made it work! Very well done! Can`t wait for the next movie!

Tuesday, January 24, 03:04:40 PM

Does not have everything that the book had. The movie was Pretty good but the book was defietly better

Sunday, January 22, 07:20:54 PM

I saw it two times and it still is awsome. I can`t wait for the fifth movie with the DA and when harry and the some of the DA go with him to the ministry of magic and fight the death eaters.

Sunday, January 22, 04:51:47 PM

Harry Potter and the Goblit of Fire is one of the best movies I have ever seen.Now I do love the charicters Ron and Harry, but I have to say that my favourite charicter is Harmini because she is so beautiful at the ball so again concrdulations you have a five star from me! From: Miranda, age:8

Friday, January 20, 08:21:10 PM

A good film but not in the same league as Narnia.

Friday, January 20, 02:50:46 PM

Amazing Movie. The best yet. Can`t wait for the next one to see what new surprises are in store!

Wednesday, January 18, 11:10:24 PM

The best potter movie ever! The Goblet of Fire brought out all my emotions. Would you believe I even cried??? It`s just the best. -LORELIE, DUBAI, UAE

Monday, January 16, 09:30:11 PM

Always a thrill, can`t wait till the next one!!!

Monday, January 16, 08:29:31 PM

best movie of the year!! drama, spence, romance, trage, all are in a good movie!!! harry potter and the goble of fire has it all!!! the best sceane is when daniel is in the bath tub crakeing the egg and the 2nd task!!!!! !!!!!!!I LOVE DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 12:38:12 PM

rupert is very cool!!!!!!!!!!!he is a very gorgeous boy!!!!!!!!i love him!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 10:56:44 AM

Best movie of the year.

Sunday, January 15, 07:50:39 PM

Daniel Radcliffe was cute in the first 2 movies, but he`s kind of annoying now. But, that said, if they recast the movie that would be horrible, so I`m not saying get rid of him. The movie was good, I think I prefer the last one though. The triwizard tournament is interesting and all, but when that`s all there is, it doesn`t leave much room for plot or character advancement. Book 5 is much better and book 6 is incredible (and surely the easiest to adapt to film). Can`t wait for the rest of the series!

Sunday, January 15, 05:53:10 PM

It was the best I would love to watch it agen.............

Saturday, January 14, 04:18:58 AM

harry is hoooooottttttt,ron is coooooooolllll & harmoine is spicccccy!

Friday, January 13, 08:14:29 PM

great move 5 stars. plus its nice see HARRY RON AN HERMIONE as they get older an smarter in adventure an master the magic??

Friday, January 13, 02:57:53 PM


Friday, January 13, 03:02:13 AM

Awesome Movie, loved everything.

Wednesday, January 11, 10:57:30 PM

Best of the Harry Potter series to date. I liked the fact that they took the best action from the book and made it the story line.

Wednesday, January 11, 11:24:22 AM

i really loved the movie. omg ced is the hottest guy ever!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 05:12:36 PM

This movie is the best movie in this series so far, hopefully the movie producers will keep it up!

Sunday, January 8, 07:53:20 PM

Not bad. The best Harry Potter so far.

Sunday, January 8, 05:36:50 PM

Excellent movie; way better than the book. It`s amazing that the beginning of the book can only take less than 30 minutes to show the audience. However, the crying scene from Harry felt really fake. A PG-13 Harry Potter, flawless.

Sunday, January 8, 10:40:33 AM

I loved it so much that I wanted to go see it again. I can`t wait for it to come out on DVD!! OH I`m so exited!!

Sunday, January 8, 06:45:22 AM

an awesome movie for kids of all ages

Saturday, January 7, 08:59:21 PM

It was the best movie of 2005. I hope they do the other two movies even better than this one!

Saturday, January 7, 08:55:36 PM

i love harry potter movies. i have to say that this was the best one out of all of them! its to bad that their not making no more. cause they really left you in suspense (wonder, curiosity) lol i guess you have to read the books now! anyways it was an amazing movie! must see movie

Saturday, January 7, 07:53:49 PM

Lots of action - fun to watch but I`m still not sure this or any of the movies are really doing the books justice.

Saturday, January 7, 06:27:36 PM


Saturday, January 7, 02:33:45 PM

I thought that this movie was very well done. For actors (and actresses) of therir age, they did a great job. Though some of the books best parts are not shown, it was understandable because of the length of the book. Daniel Radcliffe`s hair is sooo sexy! I can`t wait until The Order of the Pheonix comes out!!

Saturday, January 7, 12:39:04 PM

I laughed, I cried I really enjoyed both the book and the movie. Though they cut out at least one of the main characters Winky and Hermione`s House elf liberation front or whatever it was Awesome definatly have to buy it on Dvd.

Friday, January 6, 08:37:11 PM

the best one yet

Friday, January 6, 04:41:00 PM

Waste of time!!! For those of u who liked it, tell me one good thing about it.....thats wut i thought!!!