Wednesday, October 13, 08:45:42 AM

If you expect a fast paced clever and interesting Bond movie, go back a few years/decades to previous Bond movies. This one is slow, slow, slow, poor writing, waste of a villain (hardly makes a presence at all), poor direction all way round. Sad.

Wednesday, October 13, 01:42:14 AM

It's a very good superhit action thriller movie. The direction is good in this movie and some of the scenes r great in this movie.

Tuesday, October 12, 10:05:56 AM

Love a good SPY movie! A MUST SEE

Monday, October 11, 05:17:57 PM

Great movie as they all are - but it's time for BOND to RIP. A little over-done with the same oh, same oh since 1963. HATS off to great career for Daniel Craig - there will never be another one as great as he is

Monday, October 11, 09:37:30 AM

Maybe not a great James Bond movie, but very entertaining

Sunday, October 10, 06:03:11 PM

Wonderful action! A honorable send-off for Daniel Craig.

Sunday, October 10, 04:25:14 PM

Great, believable action scenes with believable characters. A superb ending to the Daniel Craig era.

Sunday, October 10, 03:35:34 PM

This film was a bit too long, a bit slow at times. I liked this movie, but the prologue is quite long before the titles. I find the theme song from Billie Eilish as comatose as her music. Bond’s younger love interest from the last film Spectre is in it, I want to like this plot but I think he had way more chemistry with Vesper than this woman. However I loved the filming locales, the heroic little Aston Martin, the action (as always), and the very clever musical nod to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service which had me holding my breath and is very appropriate for this film. Like most of Craig’s 007 outings, it’s quite different from all the other Bond films of past decades. Not sure if/how there will be anymore after this one 🤔

Sunday, October 10, 11:14:21 AM

This movie has all the action I have come to expect from a Bond movie. Suspense, action, fast cars, gadgets with no woke moments. Bond has grown into a new person, which means his ultimate sacrifice. Why Bond can't have his cake and eat it too is the only spoiler for me. It was a good send off for Daniel Craig. Will the franchise survive after this?

Sunday, October 10, 10:34:21 AM

Great movie!

Friday, October 8, 07:36:01 PM

On the edge of my seat the entire time ! Would see it again !

Friday, October 8, 07:17:46 PM

Loved the storyline twists-kept me enthralled. First pandemic movie theaters viewing-but the ending broke my heart until I saw the end tag that James Bond will be back….

Saturday, August 22, 12:18:26 AM

Daniel Craig is one of my favourite James Bonds, except I don't like the title song at all. Let's hope its one of the best 007 movies for Daniel Craig's swan song.

Saturday, August 22, 12:13:51 AM

The trailer looks phenomenal , but the title sing is terrible. They should have gotten somebody else to do the title song because its Daniel Craig's last 007 movie.

Friday, February 14, 01:40:55 AM

If the title song is any indication of the movie it promotes, Craig's Bond is going out with a whimper.