Tuesday, January 11, 09:01:10 AM

A total entertaining movie from start to finish! A++++

Saturday, January 8, 10:03:26 AM

Fantastic! Best selection of music and leaves you wanting more. Will see it again. WELL DONE!

Tuesday, December 28, 09:59:17 AM

Don't miss this one, fun for kids of all ages. LOVED IT

Tuesday, December 28, 09:57:26 AM

wow! great family film lots of music and fun. Took it to a whole new level.

Sunday, December 26, 01:13:08 AM

Loved it??👏🏻💯Highly recommended to watch 😍

Sunday, December 19, 10:22:44 AM

I'm so glad the wait is over!

Monday, December 6, 01:37:28 AM

Good fun. Dynamite soundtrack by U2!

Tuesday, November 23, 10:12:58 AM

I liked it as much as Cats, if not more so.

Saturday, November 6, 10:07:58 AM

I'm a big fan of the original and thought there was no way they could top themselves, but they did.