Thursday, May 6, 06:31:04 PM

My kid loved the music. We never saw other movies but this was Redbox rental pretty good.

Wednesday, April 14, 01:00:54 PM

Good team initiative, funny kids movie.

Monday, April 12, 02:36:15 PM

Tropical Adventure best one yet.

Saturday, April 10, 08:52:03 PM

Good songs and great story. All characters fun and I liked team message.

Tuesday, April 6, 12:41:15 PM

Great CG watched after Animation World post. Fun watch, interesting plot.

Thursday, April 1, 12:04:15 PM

Pretty coolz different from other two movie but good. Visual awesome

Thursday, March 18, 06:46:46 AM

this was good rental. my son loved the adventure and the music in it and characters were fun. surprised never heard this before. kiddo and mom approved