Tuesday, March 5, 02:08:26 PM


Monday, February 25, 03:49:39 PM

Raunchy... LOVED IT!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 08:21:50 PM

Really bad. Boring, bad acting, lame jokes and just annoying. Which is to bad for an Adam Sandler film.

Friday, January 18, 02:03:20 PM

garbage - a complete waste of time!!

Friday, November 23, 03:56:08 PM

Hillarious! Love Adam Sandler

Sunday, November 11, 12:23:21 PM

I saw this movie on Shaw Demand on Nov 6 and it was pretty funny, good movie especially with Adam Sandler!!!

Thursday, November 8, 04:10:57 PM

Absolutely terrible. Not an Adam Sandler fan but boy is this bad. Only kept watching to confirm how bad it really was.

Wednesday, October 17, 09:11:52 PM

Sandler's best yet!!!

Saturday, September 15, 11:17:13 PM

it's ok, s bit too hilsrious though.

Friday, September 14, 02:12:28 PM

where snl starts became clouds of dust.

Friday, September 14, 08:52:21 AM

not sandler's best work, but who doesn't love samberg?

Tuesday, September 11, 04:24:26 PM

the movie had some funny actors in it, but it definitely didn't give me the knee-slapping hilarity that other comedies have given me. vanilla ice's cameo was funny.

Monday, September 3, 05:49:01 PM

save it for dvd.

Thursday, August 30, 02:03:36 AM

andy samberg is awesome in this.

Saturday, August 25, 03:19:43 PM

i guess i'm a little immature, but i liked this movie! it's not going to be an oscar winner and it's not one of adam sandler's best; but it was funny. yes it was low brow humour, it had a lot of unnecessary swearing... but it was enjoyable.

Wednesday, August 22, 10:05:12 PM

kinds of slow.

Saturday, August 18, 08:34:07 AM

not bad

Saturday, August 11, 11:35:31 PM

typical adam sandler movie. some parts were humorous, others over the top. not even suitable for the 14a rating. i considered walking out of the theatre

Wednesday, August 1, 05:14:22 PM

stupid story, unnecessary nudity,

Wednesday, August 1, 12:24:13 PM

first half of the movie - not so good. but the last half was far better than i expected it to be and the whole theatre was laughing. surprised to be saying this but it was definitely worth seeing.

Wednesday, August 1, 10:12:09 AM

better than i thought it would be, a few laughs.

Wednesday, August 1, 09:48:53 AM

this was a lot funnier than i thought it would be. a lot of raunchy humour. not predictable, cutesy pg13 crap.

Tuesday, July 10, 11:17:42 AM

absolutely hilarious ... the gags are telegraphed and predictable but the execution is awesome and you cannot beat the ending.

Tuesday, July 10, 12:01:48 AM

This movie was horrible!!! Come on Adam sander you are better than this. There was only one guy laughing in the theatre god knows why. I never laughed once sorry but this movie was just awful, don't waste your time seriously

Monday, July 9, 12:12:25 PM

great movie!!!! ill watch it again and again!! i had so many laughs! one of his best movies.!

Monday, July 9, 12:09:48 PM

this is the best movie iv been by adam. its funny its jokes its amazing. i watched it 3 times in the theatres! its all around funny!!!

Thursday, July 5, 06:08:31 PM

it's like secrets of the yahoo sisterhood for men, and it's so refreshing to see a movie so poignant and insightful about male bonding.

Thursday, July 5, 05:32:57 PM

the most moving film sandler has ever made.

Thursday, July 5, 12:05:56 AM

don't overdo it on the ecetffs, though. he and i agree that the parts with the rapidfire flashes were a bit too much. i just thought his had a bit more action behind it. ignoring the ecetffs, there was a bit more stuff synchronized to the beats in the trailer. again, though, both great.

Wednesday, July 4, 07:14:12 AM

tells a story we all can relate to -- it's great!

Tuesday, July 3, 11:14:11 PM

sandler has crafted another comedy classic!

Sunday, July 1, 07:19:41 PM

sandler's best since jack & jill! outstanding!

Sunday, July 1, 06:29:27 PM

very bad movie, terrible taste for a comedy??? olderwoman having sex with young boys!! what kind of entertaiment is this??? rated 0

Sunday, July 1, 05:42:55 PM

this type of movies should not be called "comedy" i do not understand why adam sandler would do a movie like this. bulgar, offensive not entertaining at all. very bad humor. rated 0 -

Wednesday, June 27, 06:32:53 PM

awesome movie loved it. so funny

Sunday, June 24, 03:17:34 PM

if you want to see a funny adam sandler movie this is it. super offensive and funny. if you don't like offensive movies or thought jack and jill was funny, this movie is not for you. vanilla ice is in it, what else do you need.

Sunday, June 24, 01:47:24 PM

as good as grandma's boy!

Saturday, June 23, 10:06:51 PM

worst movie i've seen in a long time. i walked out of the theatre after the first 20 min. and so did 3 other people sitting in another row. gross indecency, raw humour,no plot to the story, absolutely not suited for adolescent under 18. rated 0.

Saturday, June 23, 08:03:22 PM

wickedly hilarious movie...best laughs from a movie in a long time. sandler brought out the big guns in this one...lots of celebrity cameos that i wasn't expecting either...pretty cool

Saturday, June 23, 08:01:10 PM

i laughed so hard throughout this film...old school sandler here...anybody who like's adam sandlers' older stuff will love this movie...must see!