Tuesday, April 20, 05:53:02 AM

How does garbage like this get made?!? This was beyond terrible.

Monday, February 15, 01:02:24 AM

This movie is liable to drive you insane and make you want to drop Napalm on children. Stay away!

Friday, January 29, 07:40:23 PM

Wretched movie. Completely incompetent. If you want a laugh, skip this garbage and read the "positive" and obviously fake paid reviews below.

Saturday, May 2, 03:37:39 AM

From the bad script to the prejudice Irish and gay men stereotypes this garbage can never be recycled!! Only true thing was the ugly girl gets a cute girl

Saturday, October 20, 04:43:50 PM

Every component of this film is fumbled. This is beyond terrible.

Saturday, May 27, 03:52:27 AM

Absolutely terrible. Movies like this are why Canadian films have such a bad reputation.

Friday, May 5, 11:43:46 AM

Terrible script. Uninspired direction. Annoying characters. Wretched movie.

Sunday, December 4, 03:34:48 PM

Clumsy and less funny than a root canal. Terrible film!

Sunday, July 24, 06:13:13 AM

Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good arctile.

Thursday, January 28, 10:47:10 AM

Loved the movie and the cast!

Thursday, January 14, 04:39:09 PM

This is a fun look at some looming issues handled with an appropriate amount of tongue in cheek.

Thursday, January 14, 03:45:53 AM

poignant and very funny. The two lead actresses are great...so true to life.

Wednesday, January 13, 09:30:52 AM

quirky, funny, moving, wonderful acting.

Tuesday, January 12, 02:40:30 PM

so good

Monday, January 11, 07:08:25 PM

Five-star fabulous!

Sunday, January 10, 10:02:13 PM

A refreshing take on the parenting dilemma, as well as an original perspective on families!! A definite addition to my dvd collection! One of my favorite films of 2008!

Sunday, January 10, 11:05:22 AM

It's a very fun flick! The gals are so real and the story is wonderfully uplifting.

Sunday, January 10, 06:21:57 AM

After seeing this movie, I want to have kids right away!

Saturday, January 9, 03:46:50 PM


Friday, January 8, 08:31:38 AM

It takes a while to get into it, because tof the faux documentary aspect but once you connect with the story, it's fabulous.

Thursday, January 7, 10:22:09 PM

This is a funny movie, but has a serious side as well. Very interesting - I enjoyed it!

Thursday, January 7, 04:03:39 PM

I have seen this movie and it is a perfect example of fresh, creative, enjoyable independent cinema. I truly laughed and I truly cried. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, January 7, 03:46:30 PM

Baby Formula is a GEM and completely hilarious!! People all round me were killing themselves laughing. Original story-telling style and cast brilliantly balanced the comedic and very moving family scenes. Bravo!!

Thursday, January 7, 02:02:56 AM

I laughed, I cried - I bought the movie! Great Cast!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 11:46:13 PM

I didn't expect to love this movie as much as I did - great balance of humour, poignant moments and loads of fun. This is a dvd I'd DEFINITELY buy to watch with pals.

Tuesday, January 5, 03:39:34 PM

Supremely entertaining and original. I absolutely adore this movie!

Wednesday, June 24, 10:05:22 AM

Great Movie! Maple Pictures is doing great job!