Friday, September 3, 02:14:44 PM

So dumb

Friday, September 3, 09:48:34 AM

Loved the first one, and have watched it over and over. Will not be watching this one even a second time. If you want to see it just because you are a fan, then save your money and wait for it to be available on a streaming app.

Tuesday, August 31, 09:29:07 AM

its a very good movie for teenagers

Friday, August 27, 10:00:08 AM

Worst movie I've ever seen in over 45 years

Thursday, August 26, 10:34:01 AM

Loved this movie! Tons of action and lots of fun!

Friday, August 20, 12:03:12 AM

I went in with low expectations, I was surprised. It was worth watching. The action was comic book like with over the top sequences and gore. Found myself and the other 6 guys laughing out loud at the the jokes. I'd watch a second time.

Monday, August 16, 10:14:10 AM

Wayyy better than the first one. Shark king was funny

Monday, August 16, 08:43:39 AM

This didn't even deserve to go straight to DVD , do yourself a favor, just watch the original again,

Sunday, August 15, 06:06:16 PM

The first one was amazing, so of course, we expected the same. This was just dumb! Starfish and ferrets. Why? No wonder Will Smith didn’t take part.

Saturday, August 14, 05:42:51 PM

If I could give it a 0 I would. Animal cruelty, gratuitous blood and guts, and bad acting. I don't get it. Its saving grace is Margot Robbie.

Saturday, August 14, 12:45:21 PM

It's different, it's violent, it's quirky, and it's a welcome take on the superhero movie. Looking forward to more.

Friday, August 13, 09:36:44 AM

Gross, stupid, not funny, waste of time!

Thursday, August 12, 08:04:08 PM

Movies just seem to be getting worse and worse these days.

Wednesday, August 11, 06:57:14 AM

A lot of laughs. Idris carried the movie.

Tuesday, August 10, 08:11:13 PM

Bad story line...bad everything!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 04:03:29 AM

The reviews were so good, I was hoping for more. Some really good parts, but most of the movie was boring. Not worth wasting your time watching

Monday, August 9, 12:14:53 PM

The characters have no real superpowers, other than Poke-a-Dot guy. I really wanted to like the movie, but it was just to silly. I kept looking at my watch to see how much longer I had to go before it was over.

Monday, August 9, 08:47:12 AM

Love every minute of this movie. It’s funny and action pack with lots of swearing and gruesome so it’s not meant for young audience. As a movie buff, can’t go wrong. It’s the suicide squad amd this is expected for these types of characters. Those who give a 1 star knows nothing about movies and or how to be entertained. Maybe movies is not for them.

Sunday, August 8, 03:15:01 PM

Very poor script.

Sunday, August 8, 03:07:46 PM

Hollywood sucks more and more every year. Just move to China already and make movies there.

Sunday, August 8, 02:30:35 PM

I really liked this movie and people should watch it. Unlike the first one the cast really work well together. There are a good assortment of funny moments in it but it can be serious and gore filled at moments. I seriously loved this movie and I would completely recommend it to fans of comedy genre and action genre. My only complaint would be some of the jokes could have been better or not there at all or they felt outdated.

Sunday, August 8, 01:44:50 PM

People's standards for what constitutes as a good movie has really gone downhill. This movie was terrible from start to finish with no redeeming qualities.

Saturday, August 7, 03:03:33 AM

James Gunn butchered The Suiside Squad. It is a throughly bad movie. Not 1 good scene to remember. Save your money. I wish I had

Friday, August 6, 06:51:47 AM

An excellent movie. Good plot, unexpected deaths, no typical cheesy things as rough bad guy turning into a good guy at the last minute. It is what it is.

Friday, August 6, 06:06:32 AM

I don't rate movies usually. But this was the movie we deserved as DC fans. What a fantastic job by the director mr. Gun.

Thursday, August 5, 11:40:13 PM

The movie was horrible this movie had nothing to do with a sequel, they made a good movie action packed into a joke as a sequel the movie was barely funny and it was long and drawn out. I brought my whole family and everyone left upset and disappointed

Thursday, August 5, 09:05:30 PM

Don't waste my precious eye time if you haven't seen the movie YET!

Wednesday, July 28, 12:23:30 AM

I can't wait 2 experience it in theatres!!!!