Monday, October 18, 11:41:06 AM

I laughed so much I almost cried! The duality is great. The funniest scary movie ever

Saturday, October 9, 01:00:14 AM

The moive was awesome I can’t wait to get it on 4K and I can wait until the 3rd one comes out

Sunday, October 3, 04:49:45 PM

I enjoyed this silly but fun movie! Just so nice to be back at the cinema!

Saturday, October 2, 08:50:07 PM

I think it was not that good would not recommend if you are nine and under.

Friday, October 1, 05:45:27 PM

It's ok. Not much of a story, and it's kind of random. Not much character developments and Venom and Carnage powers are rather boring. But it's worth watching for the action.

Friday, October 1, 02:06:04 AM

My Friend and I saw the Opening Yesterday and it was fun. The Graphics were pretty cool. I still thought very good after the first one I saw. I wasn't Disappointed.