Thursday, September 16, 11:59:45 PM

Terrific horror thriller. Unsettling film with real depth and yes, three dimensional characters. A movie for people that can spell and don't throw around outrageous slander.

Thursday, April 7, 07:47:48 AM

Awesome movie.

Wednesday, April 6, 06:41:48 PM

Scary Movie so no disappointment with this movie

Monday, April 4, 11:50:47 AM

It was a great idea.

Saturday, April 2, 06:04:07 PM

It was very good.

Saturday, March 26, 06:51:50 PM

Oh! This film was just amazing. I love everything about it. It is gory, yes, but the fast-paste, thrill-seeking, heart-racing cat&mouse game was just off the hook. It is pretty close to being as good as "Oldboy (2003)." Jesus!

Tuesday, March 22, 11:40:41 PM

It was a very long movie full of alot of gore and blood, I found the storyline very Unlikly, the charecters just went through it very one dimensional i.e good guy vs. bad guy, it's too anti women all you see is boobs. torso's and heads, why can't we every see Peen in movies bc they are all written by middle aged pot bellied pedo's..just sayin...This movie could have had so much better potential the lead however just crys, and the oviouse killer is just that a killer...

Tuesday, March 22, 01:11:15 AM

amazing movie kept me on the edge o my seat.

Friday, March 18, 03:59:05 PM

Most gory and realistic slasher movie I've seen. It has a different feel to it compares to typical North American movies. I enjoyed it very much and I was not able to guess the ending which was a refreshing change.