Monday, April 5, 11:27:12 AM

It was amazing to feel so "moved" by a group of people sitting and standing still for 90 minutes. The cameras and lighting, and especially the performers brought the story to life. If you enjoy music and are open to the story of Jesus you will have a powerful experience. Very creatively done, extremely gorgeous and raw emotion, simple and pure. I pondered on the Lord's sacrifice, the lives of those around him, and my own current situation. It was a beautiful gift. Glorious.

Thursday, April 1, 08:11:09 PM

This music and the performers touched me deeply to my core! I have never felt so much pain and so much love at the same time for my Savior! I could watch this over and over again and gain new understandings each time. Thank you so much to Rob Gardner and all the musicians for sharing your talents with the world!!

Wednesday, March 31, 07:36:42 PM

Stunning, powerful! Magnificent orchestra. It was wonderful to feel like I was sitting in with the players. I was so impressed with the artistry of the soloists! If you prize music you will love the score and the conductor. It is a meaningful, deeply satisfying musical experience and well as a moving spiritual experience. The drama is a personal are living the story. You were there! My friend had the same emotional, musical involvement.

Sunday, March 28, 02:46:32 PM

SO moving and powerful. The concert and musical performers brought me to tears as they ‘told’ the story of Christ’s final week. You will love it!

Saturday, March 13, 07:35:03 PM

This is the life of Christ in music...the concert is excellent and the musical performers are fabulous! I am going to go again and invite everyone who loves music. it is a Don't expect a movie! beautifully done and emotionally performed with love and peace.