Wednesday, July 21, 08:31:26 PM

A pretty good story based on a dark truth. The final scripture says it all and 'merica is riddled with it.

Sunday, April 11, 01:52:01 AM

Ben Cross is a priest who battles a demonic temptress. Not bad until the rubber monster re-shot ending.

Sunday, April 4, 09:19:43 AM

I loved it!!!!! I wish it was longer!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 08:17:21 PM

Save your $$$ money for a blockbuster coming soon. Always a message there, even in a horror movie and that is keep the faith believe and God works in mysterious ways, use a horror movie to bring them to the cross.

Saturday, April 3, 06:37:53 PM

Bottom line: If you liked the early years of Supernatural, you'll like this. Great horror atmosphere!

Friday, April 2, 08:23:36 PM

Not today Satan. In these times one needs to keep thier faith.

Friday, April 2, 08:15:29 PM

A horror movie for sure, does show God will go to extremes to save a sinner and show a Miracle. Some suspense, some mystery, Good vs. Evil; and guess who wins. It is heavy and not for children.