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Spider-Man: No Way Home Saturday, January 15, 07:40:26 PM

Now that Tim Holland has completed his run as everybody's favorite webslinger, a NEW Spider-Man must be chosen to carry the franchise forward. Who would you like to see in the role? The usual suspects immediately come to mind (Chalamet, Armie Hammer, Franco and Bieber, etc.), or maybe it should be an unknown...? I'd also love a callback movie with Nicholas Hammond returning to the role that made him famous, and he's made it known he's willing to suit up again.

American Underdog Saturday, January 15, 06:42:58 PM

I usually go to movies for the popcorn so when I was hungry I went to the theaters and realized I've watched all the other blockbusters that were out so I decided to take a chance and watch a movie I wouldn't normally. American underdog was actually really heartwarming and interesting throughout. After the movie I had to google Kurt Warner to see more about him. Truely a great movie

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (Netflix) Saturday, January 15, 05:56:08 PM

Drips with creepy atmosphere, full of scary sounding narration and dialogue...but what does it all mean? Doesn't add up to much.

Borrego Saturday, January 15, 02:30:11 PM

After seeing this movie, I felt I'd been to the desert. The film creates a palpable sense of place. Lucy Hale seems authentic throughout as the botanist taken hostage by a drug mule played by Leynar Gomez, and he aptly accomplishes the tricky task of transforming from a hostile and threatening character to one of integrity and sympathy. (I'd like to see more of his work!) Some have found this movie slow, but taking time with these people gives the movie heart, elevating it above the routine action flick.

American Underdog Saturday, January 15, 12:06:48 PM

Great movie, identified areas where we as people struggle in life, but if we stay focused on the things we desire we can accomplish it. The movie also shows having a positive attitude can go a long way. The acting was very good.

I Drink Your Blood Saturday, January 15, 11:21:22 AM

Fun rabid cannibal film. Still massively unappreciated. With the beautiful Lynn Lowry.

Grease 2 Saturday, January 15, 11:12:32 AM

Grease Stew

Spider-Man: No Way Home Saturday, January 15, 09:31:27 AM

Do I need to spell it out 4 ya

Scream Saturday, January 15, 04:02:43 AM

It's arguably the best callback movie yet.

Who Saw Her Die? (Chi l'ha vista morire?) Saturday, January 15, 01:18:51 AM

Unnerving giallo about Lazenby trying to solve the murder of his daughter, played by ultimate Italian horror creepy kid Nicoletta Elmi. This time around, Elmi is not the scowling creepy kid but the victim, trading her icy stare for a beautiful smile. She's absolutely gorgeous in this. Despite her character's early demise, she is seen throughout the film via flashbacks. Chilling score by Ennio Morricone. Bring Kleenex.