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Us Tuesday, September 14, 02:24:23 AM

Lame. Peele cares about his "message" much more than crafting a good film or entertaining the audience.

Candyman Tuesday, September 14, 02:20:50 AM

Ha! The original is no classic and this one somehow manages to be worse! Give this one the hook and watch something good instead.

Infinitely Polar Bear Tuesday, September 14, 02:18:44 AM

Cloying garbage. Absolutely terrible title for a film. Why do movie producers keep casting Ruffalo??? The guy is a horrible actor and it's not like he's a box-office draw or anything. Avoid!

Sympathy for Delicious Tuesday, September 14, 02:15:33 AM

Worst movie title ever. The movie isn't much better. Ruffalo is terrible as usual, and what is with him and terrible movie titles??? Between this film and "Infinitely Polar Bear" and his general demeanor Ruffalo seems on a mission to make people hate him.

The Good Doctor Tuesday, September 14, 02:11:01 AM

Weird, clichéd melodrama about an android who's allowed to become a doctor. People actually bang their fists on desks. You have been warned.

Show Me the Father Monday, September 13, 06:58:58 PM

This documentary movie was put together very well. It showed am issue and a solution to the issue at hand. It told of people's lives and what happened in their lies. I have noticed some comments here talking about bad actor's and actresses. This is not the case these are actual people and their actual experiences. I would recommend to anyone to watch and be touched .

Jungle Cruise Monday, September 13, 06:11:41 PM

it was all about adventure and so Disneyish

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Monday, September 13, 02:42:31 PM

Sit back and enjoy! This film is highly-entertaining and filled with humor and heart.

Defining Moments Monday, September 13, 11:44:49 AM

Pretty funny film. Burt's ending is sad as hell.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Monday, September 13, 09:50:34 AM

This Movie is WOW! Marvel studios film at it's best. Incredible filming and special effects. Some parts funny, lot of action and drama. Love that Aquafina who played the dragon in Raya. Number one movie everyone is talking about.