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Sarileru Neekevvaru Friday, May 7, 02:08:43 AM

It's a very good acton film. Mahesh Babu's fights were awesome. I watched it on Amazon Prime video. The train scene is full comedy and humorous. I liked the part where he'll save them from those goons near the large pillar.

F9 Friday, May 7, 01:58:59 AM

It's a very good film. I've seen the trailer it's awesome. The action scenes and car stunts were superb. I can't wait to experience it in theatres.

Vakeel Saab Friday, May 7, 01:56:56 AM

It's a very good film. I watched it on Amazon Prime Video. PSPK dialogues were superb. I even liked the scene where he'll go to Vamsi's father's house by bike, get down from the bike and crash the door. It's a remake of Pink. Action scenes were superb. I especially like the metro fight scene, it's amazing and superb.

Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure Thursday, May 6, 06:31:04 PM

My kid loved the music. We never saw other movies but this was Redbox rental pretty good.

The Enormity of Life Thursday, May 6, 11:57:38 AM

This movie talks about a lot of real delicate issues, like suicide, mental illness and gun violence while somehow putting enough humor in it to stay pretty balanced. Breckin Meyer, Emily Kinney and Giselle Eisenberg all really shine in their roles.

Triumph Thursday, May 6, 01:19:25 AM

Heartfelt and well acted!

Fried Green Tomatoes 30th Anniversary presented by TCM Wednesday, May 5, 04:57:42 PM

Characters are perfect for their roles. Storyline is easy to understand and follow from Jessica Tandy's narration to the actual events she's narrating, and back and forth. This is my second time seeing this movie. Looking forward to it!!!!!!

Together Together Tuesday, May 4, 04:05:42 PM

Solid independent film with some heartfelt and very funny moments. Excellent writing and Helms proves his versatility and comedic range. Ends a bit abruptly...but I can still recommend it.

Wonder Woman 1984 Monday, May 3, 08:28:23 PM

This movie is not meant for the masses... oh no.. The plot is so weak that only a toddler could find it interesting. Sad that millions were spent on a script that only benefited the writer. Sad, if only i could give zero stars...

Stand on It Monday, May 3, 06:57:09 AM

Not his best. He needs to stick with writing original movies instead of trying to do a remake of a classic. Even though he said it was a tribute, it was clearly a crappy remake.